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Making Social Media Less Anti-Social ... and starting to like it again!


Trevor Buckland Social Media Consultant and ErnieHi, my name is Trevor and Social Media often irritates me, so it may come as a surprise that I am a Social Media Consultant. Before I tell you a little more about that, I would like to introduce myself. I live in Ramsgate, Kent, I am married, have 2 step children and I am a Christian. I have worked in Government for over 20 years and I have a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel called Ernie (I should mention, he may pop up on this site now and again).

So how can I be a Social Media consultant if Social Media irritates me? Well, it is because it irritates me that I became a consultant. I was tired of seeing offensive posts and reading about the problems it can cause. So, my mission is to help people/businesses use Social Media properly. If you also find Social Media irritating or troubling it would be easy for you to run a mile, but I would encourage you to continue reading.

So how can I help? Surely I cannot change how everyone uses Facebook, Twitter etc. You are right, I can’t. But I can help you. Whether you are a business, a parent, a teacher, a jobseeker, a student or whatever you may be, I can help.

How do I help? I highlight the positives and dangers of Social Media and teach how to use it properly. A Social Media post can damage your job prospects, it can damage your business or it can damage someone else. However a Social Media post can also enhance your career prospects, market your business or help someone else.

I am not a Social Media Guru or a Social Media Genius, however I am someone that cares passionately about Social Media and the impact it has on lives and businesses. Now it’s your turn, you know about me, why not tell me about you. Get in touch and let me help you.


How can I Help ?